International Strikes Roundup

Strikes going on around the world.

(I am unfortunately limited to articles in English, French, Spanish, and, occasionally, Portuguese and Italian, so the countries represented will reflect that.)

Costa Rica

On Monday, electrical workers in Costa Rica will strike against layoff threats



A public servants’ strike came to an end after 67 days; 400,000 students will return to school



Members of the National Bus and Rail Union voted to take industrial action, which might range from no-fare days to short work stoppages to lengthier strikes



Rail workers strike



In Fraisans, volunteer firefighters have gone on strike against the closure of their station

Management at Air France has agreed to extend airline personnel contracts until February 2017 after a weeklong strike

Telecommunications company SFR recently launched a voluntary departure program, whereby workers can choose to leave the struggling company and receive certain benefits for doing so. SFR projects 4,000 people leaving by June 2017; these people would receive 2.5 months of salary per year of working for the company as compensation. The majority unions signed onto the project, while minority unions plan to take action and potentially strike.

With a  colleague at risk of being fired for “grave error,” and with working conditions ever worsening, workers at a home for people with severe disabilities have gone on strike

On Thursday, workers at a thermal spring struck in support of president Anne Bello, after a positive court decision regarding her predecessor Laurent Fanzel, who was let go for abuse of confidence




Postal workers went on strike Friday and Saturday



Ground workers at KLM airline strike after bargaining standstill



Museum caretakers in Toledo struck this Saturday after 3 months without pay

Parking workers in San Sebastian went on strike this morning. Empark management hired 17 security guards in response. The strike will continue every Sunday in August. LAB, the union, opposes management’s decision to make cleaning and maintenance staff work as valets without paying them extra; they demand that management either increase their pay or change their job title.


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